15 reasons why you should date a baker

The nation’s romance aided by the Great British Bake Off provides presented the skill, creativity and enthusiasm of bakers. We requested the friends in the Hummingbird Bakery to talk about their own top reasons why you need to consider dating a baker (if the chance arise)…


1. They are going to provide you with cost-free cake. Definitely ideal cause up to now a baker. Getting included romantically with a person who is cooking inclined will land an array of tasty baked items on your own lap daily. And all sorts of lovingly from their own fair hand

2. They can be creative. Numerous bakers are competent designers also and generally are comfortable expressing their own artsy part. Frosting is the paint and meal is the canvas. Count on lovely cookies with your name on it.

3. They usually have exceptional flavor. All those cakes, cupcakes and pastries practice bakers to possess an exceptional palate. Just who preferable to accompany you for an intimate supper go out?

4. They could hold heavy things. All of that whisking, whipping, lifting and stirring gives them fantastic chest muscles strength under those aprons!

5. Your household will love them. When a baker informs you what their job is, you usually listen to a chorus of “oohs” and “aahs”. Their own skills are certain to impress your family if they bring a homemade dessert along.

6. They may be effective in after instructions. Trying to a meal implies that they’re able to simply take course and think systematically.

7. These are typically team participants. The warmth of this ovens and busy kitchens imply that bakers are extremely considerate to other people in addition they usually use attention and regard.

8. They may be organized. Christmas time gifts buying for the whole family? Reserving a wedding anniversary getaway away? You can depend on your own baker to prioritise activities to make preparation very simple.

9. They’ve been extremely motivated. It takes a unique style of individual get-up very early in the morning some people are nestled up in bed. And they’re going to have in all probability baked a number of magnificent productions before you’ve actually strike snooze.

10. They’ll deliver their job residence (and that is a decent outcome). Bakers are unable to resist using their sparetime to try out various dishes and flavours in their own personal kitchen areas. Get shell at ready, as you will end up being their unique main style tester!

11. Check beyond the hairnets, it isn’t just the ovens that are hot. Knowing the right path around a kitchen is sexy and good meals is about hedonism. Baking is pure delight when it comes to senses.

12. They’re a dab hand with washing. Bakers’ overalls should be pristine and clean for the kitchen area, you’ll not see them shirking laundry obligations.

13. They’re going to have a feeling of humour. All those off-the-wall novelty desserts originate from the lively masterminds of some really cheeky bakers.

14. Ready to get treated like royalty. Wave goodbye to shop-bought desserts, you are about to get homemade birthday celebration desserts forever. And also if it is maybe not a unique celebration, the baker beau will make you feel just like a million dollars with more treats than possible move a spatula at.

15. Excellence comes as standard. From a croquembouche to a loaf of sourdough, bakers wouldn’t desire offering right up anything less than exceptional. They are goal focused and certainly will always guarantee they offer themselves their own all.


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